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The Day I made lots of cookies

I just peeked out my office window and it looks like I’m living in a snow globe! Snow is falling hard and everything is coated in a thick layer of white. It looks so magical! I kind of want to go out there and make a snow angel.

I made some Christmas cookies today! And I am so excited that I have a house full of cookies right now!! I’ve been wanting to make them for over a week. But, between my period, all the emotional stuff and memories I’ve been thinking about lately, and the fact that I’ve been working like crazy, I just haven’t had the chance.

So last night Joe took me to the grocery store so I could get everything I needed to make cookies as well as for a few things to make sure the house is stocked up with food because of the big snow storm. Joe insisted on going with me since it was after dinner and it was dark outside. Trouble tends to find me when I’m out and about when it’s dark - Joe’s words and I have to admit that he’s not exactly wrong.

The best thing about going to the grocery store in the evening was that nobody was there. Well, not exactly nobody. There were only about fifteen cars in the parking lot and we were free to roam the produce section and the aisles pretty much without worrying about people getting too close and sharing their germs with us. I was surprised since normally before a big storm people are panicking and stocking up with enough food for a few months instead of just for a few days. Not that I was complaining. I think that was the least stressful shopping trip I’ve had in nine or so months.

After we loaded the back of Joe’s truck with our groceries, Joe drove me all around town (our town as well as the one next to us) so I could ooh and ah over everyone’s Christmas lights. I had so much fun picking out my favorite displays. Some streets had hardly any lights, but others were so bright that it was like we entered winter wonderlands. It made me wish that I had the forethought to decorate the outside of my house too. But since I’m normally not home on Christmas it never even occurred to me.

Before we came home, Joe went through a drive thru of this small hamburger/hot dog shoppe and bought us some hot cocoa. We actually just bought two boxes of hot cocoa mixes at the grocery store, but this place puts whipped cream on top of the hot cocoa instead of marshmallows and I love it!!

So we were just sitting in a parking spot in the toasty warm truck when I realized that I was feeling so happy and at peace. After these past few weeks I didn’t think it was possible for me to feel that way. And I knew my happiness had a lot to do with Joe. He’s always there making me smile or laugh and even making sure I had everything I might need. (Side story: During my periods I get so cold. We’re talking ice cold. So when I was working in my office I would wrap the quilt from the spare room bed around me because I would be shivering even though my furnace was turned up and I was wearing a pair of joggers and a hoodie. And I would complain that even though I secured the quilt with some claw hair clips I still didn’t have adequate arm mobility. So, what did Joe do? He ordered and had overnighted a Sherpa lined wearable blanket that has arms [think of a Snuggie but even better]. It is so warm and soft and comfortable. And it was such a thoughtful thing for him to get me.) So, sitting in his truck last night and sipping on some awesome hot cocoa that he bought for me (and I didn’t even ask him to stop there!), my heart felt so full that I just had to say it. I set down my hot cocoa, unclicked my seatbelt, leaned over, kissed his stubbled cheek, and said, “I love you”. I said it and I meant it. And I said it when I felt it and was ready to say it. Joe never pressured me or made me feel guilty for not returning those words after he said them. He just loved me and let me get there on my own time.

This morning after a healthy breakfast of some oatmeal (spending so much time with Joe is definitely rubbing off on me) and after he left for work, I started making my cookies. I made a double batch of both chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin. Of course I had to taste test them to make sure they’re edible. And they’re so good! I just love cookies!! Then, after they were all cooled, I got out my holiday cookie boxes and boxed some up for my older neighbors. I ran over to each house, placed the cookie boxes by their doors, rang their doorbells, and then I would run out into their front yards so we could maintain space between us. When they opened their doors I just pointed to the cookie box, yelled out, “I made you cookies! Merry Christmas!”, and then went on to the next house. I’m not sure if anyone will want to eat my cookies. I did question if I should give my neighbors any cookies because of the virus and I’m not sure if people will be leery of eating anything homemade. But it’s just a very small act of holiday kindness that I actually enjoy doing. Besides, if they just take the cookies and throw them away I’ll never know. So I did it hoping that, if nothing else, the gesture would make them feel good.

Tonight for dinner I’m making chili - the perfect dinner for a cold and snowy night! I have a loaf of fresh bread to go with it. And, of course, cookies for dessert!! Hmm… I’m wondering if after dinner I could convince Joe to go out and make a snowman with me….


3:54 p.m. - 2020-12-16


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